I am a pooka which comes in the guise of an arctic rabbit.

As you may have seen, I am starting to create a web comic called The Bunny Scouts. I’ll admit that my art at this point isn’t world class. I hope you also notice I’ve not slathered any pages or comics in any type of ads. So I hope you’ll forgive my art by remembering it is free.

If you wish to help support The Bunny Scouts web comic you can pick up our first t-thirt over at RedBubble!

Here is the handy link!

So, what is it that you should know about me? Well, like all pooka, I find it hard to tell the whole truth. That said, the truth and non-truth are a subtle art that depend on many factors. One simple minor change in phrasing can shift absolute veritas  into something that isn’t wholly the truth or un-truth. How much to believe or not is up to you; don’t you think?


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