Life on Mars?

As a young kid both my grandmother and my mother each worked for telephone companies. Not fancy technical jobs, but rather starting as operators. I’d imagine the pay was fairly standard, but also not amazing.

On that pay my grandmother was able to become a home owner. She was also a single mom who had to raise four girls. She did it. She owned a car. She paid her bills. She had medical care and coverage for all.

My mother, now retired, wasn’t able to own a home when I was a child. By then it had become too costly. But she did manage to be a single mother and raise me. A new car was a very rare thing growing up. It wasn’t well into my adult life that my mother got married and then was able to buy a home.

For me it was and is worse still. I don’t own a home and don’t think I’ll ever be able to own a home. That is scary as I’m now forty three years old. Finding new, better jobs, gets older with age. I’ve only owned used cars. This is an even more rare occurrence than buying new cars was for either my grandmother or my mother.

Most people I know now have to work several jobs or have several people in the house working.

So I wonder just why this is. I wonder why people need, in the U.S., to skip meals in order to save a little money.

Each day I look at the news and feel like I’ve stopped living on earth and I’m now living in some strange dimension. Is this life on Mars?

People are not lazier than before. People are not entitled with unreal expectations. What people are is getting shafted. Shafted by their employers and by their government who allows it to happen. It isn’t a conspiracy theory that a elect 400 people in the U.S. own, at least, 60% of all the wealth.

You can’t even say we are not even fighting back. We do, and in mass numbers. Yet you’ll see time and time again that protestors are arrested. Occupy. McDonald’s employees. We are criminalised for simply wanting a fare wage.

This is why more and more people are looking to European style Socialism from within the U.S. We’ve always been told this is the satanic stuff of Communist U.S.S.R. In fact people will still tell you this. But this is not the cold war and countries in Scandinavia, France, England, German, etc. are all making it work. They have been making it work for a very long time.

These countries are Democratic. They also are Capitalistic. They also all have less wealth inequity than the United State. We are simply doing it wrong in the U.S. We have put 400 people in to the rich life. All the while everyone else is scraping by.

That just isn’t right.

So Many Cute Things

IMG_0763I went to the Japanese book shop yesterday and had a lot of fun. No, I don’t speak Japanese but the shop also has lots of toys, gifts, stationary, brush pens, etc..

OMG! There are so many cute things that it was hard to control myself. Thankfully I don’t have a lot of money to play with so I was good and didn’t get anything at all.

There was a nice slim cell phone and wallet pouch that I liked. But it was $30 and didn’t even come with a shoulder strap. >.> It was a lovely shade of orange however. I’m melting thinking about it.

Also what caught my eye were the many, many, pens. I love pens and always wish that I had people to write loopy cursive letters to. Like you see in old movies.

LOL, maybe I’ll go back there next weekend!

This Rabbit Loves Ramen

RamenMost of you who know me also know that I love my ramen. I also love phô and udon as well. If you ever meet me you might not expect this — if you were to fall into the trap of racial or cultural stereotyping.

Back in the 70’s my mother made it a point to feed me anything and everything. We would go out once every few weeks to eat at a restaurant. This was, back then, a bit of a parents duty. Parent were parent and would actively teach their kids to behave in places.

Seldom, though, did we just go out for fast food. And even less seldom was Eat Out Night spent in some familiar type of place. No. We would go get every different type of cultural restaurant.  I loved it!

So as I now live in Hawaii I continue this love of food from different cultures. In Hawaii the mix, besides local style, is very Asian-centric; and that is just fine to me.

Soup, then. If all you have ever had is a cup of noodles of a top ramen, then you are really missing out. Ramen is simply out of this world if you get it at an actual ramen house. There are also many different styles in normal or fish base broth. But you can’t really stop there when it comes to the land of noodle based soups. There is also soba noodles, udon, and phô to name a few.

Some people might cry “Hipster!” then grump off to shovel down a bowl of .85 cent mac and cheese. Listen, if being different offend you then, please, keep calling people who love trying new things Hipster. Seldom will we say anything. But we will do you a favour and simply forget to invite you out to eat. Besides that, I was born in the year 1970 on the head. I’ve been eating new things like ramen or sushi decades before you were born. And for all the other food lovers out there; well, good food has no age requirements.

You will either be the type of person actively try new foods or you will won’t. Might I suggest opening Yelp, or Foursquare, or even the yellow pages. Find something, anything that you have never had before. Embrace it. But alway, ALWAYS, give a thought to warming your soul with an authentic ramen.

Kentish Town Penguin

Peng3Deep in the London Zoo lived a independent young penguin who wanted more. So tired was the penguin of all the sugar fill children that it turned to the homeless for something new.

The homeless though only muttered from Oscar Wilde with, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us look to the stars.” So sitting on a snowball the penguin decided to leave and find more.

Waddling off across the lawn. Then down the shady path and out the front gate. The fed up penguin tumbled down a hole like a tube. Minding the gap followed the spiked haired chap. It was in to a train car where the penguin got a few queer looks. But not as much as the lairy footballer, pissed only just past tea.

So the penguin waddled out and back up. Hoping to find the London zoo where they left it. But alas trains do things called move and left it stranded; postal NW5.

This is the plight of the, now, Kentish Town penguin. So if you see it just nod, smiling and knowing.

Pain in the Paw

PepperYesterday I was drawing a lot of doodles for myself and for putting smiles on faces. So today my little bunny paw is a bit tender. I blame, of course, not myself but my decade old graphire wacom tablet.

That darn tablet is such a struggle to work with. I end up hitting Undo on nearly every stroke several times to get what I want. Oh well.

I’m just going to try and take it a little slow today. I can’t make any promises though. Bwahaha! Yeah, it is a little hard to hold back now that I’ve gotten back into the making art mode.

Last time I was doodling this much was back in the 90’s!


Making Art Making Happy

ShimMaking art is, for me, making happy times.

One could make art just for one’s self. And I have. Doing so Is an act of making yourself happy. Be is a doodle on the corner of a napkin or a grand painting on a fresh canvas, this goal is to simply get lost in it. To dream, create and enjoy the journey from start to finish.

One could also make art for others. In many cases people demand money for this. And seeing as we don’t live in some utopia, people need to pay their bills. However, it should none the less be an act of happiness. In this case making the other person happy. Making the viewer of the art happy.

Some day, I hope, we will move into a world of people living simply for happiness. Where people learn, create, and do just for the sheer act of self fulfilment. When that comes to pass then everything we do will be art, no mater how mundane or ordinary.

Fika Wanted

Derp2copyIn Sweden there is an activity called fika. You and your friends gather for a social coffee break — typically with cakes, cookies, and such. In the U.S if you go to most coffee places, such as Starbuck, it has been commercialised to the point that it is taking the place of people office. Or worse students library / study hall.

My point here is that people don’t sit to talk about the weather and life. Things have to get done, and that is very unrestful. I guess trying to fika with strangers is my first mistake. But I’m still very certain that if I was in Sweden people would be friendlier. Why is that?

So let’s go have fika! When we go to get a coffee remember that this is a break. Relax and stop working. You have an office. You have a school. You have a local library. So stop using the local coffee shop as all of these things. Enjoy yourself and the company you are with.

I’m very sure that if we did we’d have a lot better time. Also it’s leave you with less of an empty feeling afterwards. =:3

Getting Lost

My mind tends to wander and often slips into nostalgia. The other day I was laying in bed and I remembered how great Calvin and Hobbes was back when I was a more youthful rabbit. Slowly rather than remembering comic pages I was just seeing the world empty and abandoned.

I tentatively wandered through looking at what was once a world of wonder and joy. Now it was just a long forgotten  place. So that is what I doodled. Myself trudging in the deep snow of another persons creation. I have no idea where Bill Watterson is, or what he is doing. I just wish he’d breath life back into his creation.


Obligatory First Post

Every blog has a first post. The ephemeral and often vapid beginning that most blogs suffer from.

Since that is the case I’ll just say that, “This is the first post. What follows shall follow.”