This Rabbit Loves Ramen

RamenMost of you who know me also know that I love my ramen. I also love phô and udon as well. If you ever meet me you might not expect this — if you were to fall into the trap of racial or cultural stereotyping.

Back in the 70’s my mother made it a point to feed me anything and everything. We would go out once every few weeks to eat at a restaurant. This was, back then, a bit of a parents duty. Parent were parent and would actively teach their kids to behave in places.

Seldom, though, did we just go out for fast food. And even less seldom was Eat Out Night spent in some familiar type of place. No. We would go get every different type of cultural restaurant.  I loved it!

So as I now live in Hawaii I continue this love of food from different cultures. In Hawaii the mix, besides local style, is very Asian-centric; and that is just fine to me.

Soup, then. If all you have ever had is a cup of noodles of a top ramen, then you are really missing out. Ramen is simply out of this world if you get it at an actual ramen house. There are also many different styles in normal or fish base broth. But you can’t really stop there when it comes to the land of noodle based soups. There is also soba noodles, udon, and phô to name a few.

Some people might cry “Hipster!” then grump off to shovel down a bowl of .85 cent mac and cheese. Listen, if being different offend you then, please, keep calling people who love trying new things Hipster. Seldom will we say anything. But we will do you a favour and simply forget to invite you out to eat. Besides that, I was born in the year 1970 on the head. I’ve been eating new things like ramen or sushi decades before you were born. And for all the other food lovers out there; well, good food has no age requirements.

You will either be the type of person actively try new foods or you will won’t. Might I suggest opening Yelp, or Foursquare, or even the yellow pages. Find something, anything that you have never had before. Embrace it. But alway, ALWAYS, give a thought to warming your soul with an authentic ramen.