Tales for Tyrn – One

I’ve been thinking about writing short tales that all take place within a unified world. My hope is to make this like an old fashion serial novel.

Here is the first in PDF format as a very short sample!  Hope you enjoy.



Why Art? The Art of Therapy and Friendship

Drawn by @Jackalopejess over the excitement over root beer floats.

Drawn by @Jackalopejess over the excitement over root beer floats.

Some people don’t think highly of people that make art. All to often making art is the last thing that will make you money. Yet, for people that create, the art is often therapy or a form of friendship fully unto it’s own. Being in Hawaii it seems easy to throw out the tag of Aloha, as it is an act of love and giving. So I want to share a few of my favourites so come inside and keep reading.

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Wacom tablet still broken…

I’d love to still be posting Bunny Scouts comic for everyone. The problem is that my wacom tablet died. The thing was, I imagine, at least 10 years old. I do desperately hope plan on getting a new one some day. When that happens I’ll once again take up drawing. For now things like rent, and food have to come first, you know?


Rhiannon Colouring Book Page

Rhiannon_Colour_TweetAccording to a Twitter poll Rhiannon is currently the favourite member of the Bunny Scouts! She is one very impressive axolotl!

To celebrate you can pick up a colouring book page to print out and colour with your crayons or markers. I’d like to see your creation, by the way.

Just send me a direct message tweet letting me know, and your email, and I’ll send it to you.

@rav_bunneh  <— My Twitter


About: “Food Court Romance”

The cheerleader in frame one is an Axolotl; which is a Mexican salamander.

In the second frame Tom cat and Rav bunny are eating at Burger Bunny*. However, Tom has noticed the cheerleader and developed an instant crush.

*Burger Bunny serves only 100% organic and vegetarian food; though not always vegan.


About Today’s Bunny Scouts Comic

IMG_0813I took this photo at a local diner the other night. I liked my little iPhone photo so much I used it as the basis of the comic today. We all have a morning ritual of some sort.

Coffee, however, so early in the morning make me loopy. I tried to make Rav look just as loopy — as if he had just way too much caffeine.



Life on Mars?

As a young kid both my grandmother and my mother each worked for telephone companies. Not fancy technical jobs, but rather starting as operators. I’d imagine the pay was fairly standard, but also not amazing.

On that pay my grandmother was able to become a home owner. She was also a single mom who had to raise four girls. She did it. She owned a car. She paid her bills. She had medical care and coverage for all.

My mother, now retired, wasn’t able to own a home when I was a child. By then it had become too costly. But she did manage to be a single mother and raise me. A new car was a very rare thing growing up. It wasn’t well into my adult life that my mother got married and then was able to buy a home.

For me it was and is worse still. I don’t own a home and don’t think I’ll ever be able to own a home. That is scary as I’m now forty three years old. Finding new, better jobs, gets older with age. I’ve only owned used cars. This is an even more rare occurrence than buying new cars was for either my grandmother or my mother.

Most people I know now have to work several jobs or have several people in the house working.

So I wonder just why this is. I wonder why people need, in the U.S., to skip meals in order to save a little money.

Each day I look at the news and feel like I’ve stopped living on earth and I’m now living in some strange dimension. Is this life on Mars?

People are not lazier than before. People are not entitled with unreal expectations. What people are is getting shafted. Shafted by their employers and by their government who allows it to happen. It isn’t a conspiracy theory that a elect 400 people in the U.S. own, at least, 60% of all the wealth.

You can’t even say we are not even fighting back. We do, and in mass numbers. Yet you’ll see time and time again that protestors are arrested. Occupy. McDonald’s employees. We are criminalised for simply wanting a fare wage.

This is why more and more people are looking to European style Socialism from within the U.S. We’ve always been told this is the satanic stuff of Communist U.S.S.R. In fact people will still tell you this. But this is not the cold war and countries in Scandinavia, France, England, German, etc. are all making it work. They have been making it work for a very long time.

These countries are Democratic. They also are Capitalistic. They also all have less wealth inequity than the United State. We are simply doing it wrong in the U.S. We have put 400 people in to the rich life. All the while everyone else is scraping by.

That just isn’t right.